What is a scissor lift?


Are you working in a heavy impact industry? Are you starting to feel the impact on your back, joints, and legs? Do you need an alternative when it comes to lifting heavy objects? Then I have the right solution for you! Ergonomic scissor lifts are used for the easy transportation of heavy objects from one level to another within a location. As the name implies, they have folding supports that come in the shape of scissors and these supports allow for easy elevation of the leveled surface or table that the objects to be transported are placed on.

The importance of ergonomic scissor lifts

The advantage of scissor lifts is that they can easily be operated and by one person as the lifts have a lever that can be pressed down on and when this is done, the supports unfold and this causes the lift to increases in height. The scissor lift is very versatile as its usage is not limited to warehouses. These lifts mostly find application in manufacturing industries, the construction industry, warehouses, or for service, and maintenance work where a person or an object is to be transported from one level to another.

Where the scissor lift can be used

Scissor lifts can be used for all kinds of work, but they mostly find applications in industrial or manufacturing settings where stable equipment is required to transport workers. It can be used for repair and maintenance purposes, for painting, surface preparations; pretty much any activity that requires height in the construction or manufacturing industry.

This is way more than an advertisement! Scissor lifts make the job very easy for warehouse workers and reduce the impact that bending to pick up items from the ground causes on the back. So, we can say that apart from making the job easy, it has health benefits, especially when it is used long term. They eliminate the use of a ladder (which is not safe) or crane system (which requires more than one person to operate) and make the entire shelving process easier. Scissor lifts come in different sizes, weight capacities, and types.

Scissor lifts and safety

All forms of lifting equipment are specially designed to create a safe working environment for its users and as such, the safety must be of a high standard. Apart from providing a measure of safety on its own, several additions like mesh curtains, barriers, gates, and guardrails can also be added. Also, a mechanical anti-fall mechanism should be incorporated to prevent the lift from falling in the event of a mechanical failure. All the scissor lift tables provided by TRANSLYFT apart from being of high quality also adhere to all the safety requirements.  TRANSLYFT apart from offering you safety is also offering high-quality lifting solution equipment that is sure to leave a remarkable difference in your work processes. Why not make life easier for yourself by getting one! Save yourself the stress of bending to pick heavy items!

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