These 4 CDH Commanders Can’t Lose!


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Magic’s Commander format excites its fans with its singleton rules and 100-card decks, which ensure players do not come across duplicates. They also enjoy 40 life points and a legendary creature designated as the Commander. The colors a player’s deck can incorporate will depend on the Commander’s identity. Here are some of the best commanders as decided by

Sol Ring

For a long time, people have been considering this as one of the best cards in Commander. The ideal first steps in any game of Commander are to play a land, tap the land, and then play Sol Ring. This dream first-turn play is a one-mana artifact, which taps for two mana. Although the mana is colorless, you can still follow-up a turn one Sol Ring with numerous two-mana artifacts.

Cyclonic Rift

You may prefer using a spell that obliterates everything on the field. However, removal spells are available in all sizes and shapes, and Cyclonic Rift is always better. Its standard effect is quite good, but what truly shines is its overload ability. This card is a two-mana instant that lets players return one non-land permanent they do not control to its owner’s hand.


This is one of the strongest ramp cards in addition to being a three-mana spell. It lets the player place one tapped basic land onto the battlefield and the other one into his/her hand. It may not be the most powerful ramp spell; however, it has amazing versatility, low actual cost, and low mana cost. This makes it one of the most important ramp cards.

Smothering Tithe

This is a recent release and is a four-mana spell that does not do anything when a player uses it, which can lead to wasted turns. However, this is not the case when the format is Commander and the card is Smothering Tithe. Whenever your opponent draws a card, he/she can pay two mana. If he/she does not, you will earn a treasure token. You can tap the token and sacrifice for one mana any time you want.

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