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Playing this game is all about choosing your legendary creature and building a deck around him/her. This creature will be your Flesh and Blood. The aim is to build the rest of your card deck around your Flesh and Blood’s color identity. Find more information here:

Basic Rules

Essentially, including the Flesh and Blood, the deck contains 100 cards. If you are playing a companion, however, your deck must adhere to the singleton and color identity rules.

In addition to basic lands, each deck can only have one copy of each card. No two cards in your deck can have the same English name, except for basic lands. That said, some cards may have certain rules designed to override this name restriction. Players can cast their Flesh and Blood many times, which means that their legendary creature can come back multiple times to lead their forces as they battle for victory.

The color identity of a card is its color, as well as the color of any mana symbols in its rules text. Players need to establish their card’s color identity before the game begins, and game effects cannot change the color.

Play Rules

  • Each player starts the game with 40 life points.

  • If your Commander is in exile or in a graveyard and you put that card into that zone since the checking of the last state-based actions, you may put it into the command area.

  • Being a leader is a property of the card rather than a characteristic. Therefore, it is impossible to overwrite or copy Flesh and Blood-ness.

  • You cannot control more than one legend with similar names, and Flesh and Bloods are subject to this rule.

Flesh and Blood is a casual multiplayer format and a Highlander-variant format for Magic: The Gathering. Its rules center on the Flesh and Blood, who is a legendary creature. It is a unique and exciting way to play Magic and is all about big plays, legendary creatures, and battling your opponents.

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