How To Put on An Incontinent Pant


Incontinence pant is a material wore on pant by people to keep them dry. It is used by people who cannot retain urine or feces. It gives the user the rest of mind that they would not soil their clothing and cause unnecessary embarrassment for themselves. Incontinence pant can be easily worn by individual or could be helped to wear it. In other to help someone to wear an incontinent pant, one must be comfortable to apply it. Also, there are different brand of the pant, one must choose the one they are comfortable with and would not leak.

In other to wear incontinent pant the following steps must be followed:

  1. Pull down all clothing: All clothing material worn from waist should be pulled down. The shirt or blouse should be pulled up. This is to avoid staining them. If it is a gown, it should be completely removed or pulled up and tied above the waist.
  2. Clean all the body with soaked clothing if the body is already soiled. Wipe it clean with dry towel or a toilet paper.
  • Pull out the incontinent pant: Smooth out the creases to avoid discomfort when worn.
  1. Remove the paper covering the adhesive on the incontinent pant: Place it on the underwear. Place the adhesive facing downward to adhere to the underwear material. Press both ends of the pant to ensure it stick together.
  2. Put on the underwear. Ensure the pad rests comfortably on your body and it presses against your genital and buttock to cover all possible leakages.
  3. Put on the rest of the clothing back up.

However, one must ensure that the pant is changed every 3- 4 hours. Having a wet pant on for too long causes the skin to have rashes, sore and skin irritation. Though if the pant is not wet is could be left for up to 6 hours.


Ensure the pant is changed when it is noticeably wet

Never reuse a wet pant and ensure they are properly disposed off

Some incontinent pant has wetness indicator which shows whether it is ready for change or not. This can be easily found on the package material.

Use a heavier incontinent pant overnight to avoid frequent changing during the night.

You can try different brand to find the most suitable for you.

In conclusion, incontinent pant is an innovative material one can use to prevent unnecessary worries for incontinence. It could be used by elderly people who could not control themselves when pressed. If you find yourself in this situation, check out https://dryandcool.co.uk/ for amazing incontinence pants or undies

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